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Integration and 

Capacity building 

The social sciences, behavioral sciences, arts, and humanities — the human dimensions — are a rich array of scientific disciplines and fields of practice to engage in research and engagement. Whether we call them by other names ( human sciences, conservation social sciences, environmental social sciences, or natural resources social sciences) the shared element of common purpose is to use concepts, theories, methods, and principles to empirically observe, measure, and explain social, cognitive, and behavioral phenomena that influence the relationship between humans and nature.

But that perspective — the human dimensions orientation — is not commonly recognized by or integrated into organizations and agencies with legacies, histories, and cultures based in the biological or ecological sciences.

My goal as a consultant, is to help organization:

  • Identify and assess  barriers to and facilitators of human dimensions integration into their organizational infrastructure, strategies, and plans. 

  • Suggest guidelines and best practices to improve social sciences capacity at various organizational scales.

  • Collaborate with staff, administrators, and leadership to directly correct core issues related to values and goals, position allocation (FTEs) and budgets, feasibility and logistics, and, importantly, agency culture and professionalism, and relevancy.


Human Dimensions
Conservation  |  Natural Resources
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