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Team Science

Wallen, K. E., Filbee-Dexter. K., Pittman, J., Posner, S., Alexander, S., Romulo, C. L., Bennett, D., Clark, E., Cousins, S., Dubik, B. A., Garcia, M., Haig, H., Koebele, E., Qui, J., Richards, R., Symons, S., & Zipper, S. (2019). Integrating team science into interdisciplinary graduate education: an exploration of the SESYNC Graduate Pursuit. Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences, 9(2), 218–233. PDF


Wallen, K. E. (2017). Focusing on structure and process to integrate and mainstream the social sciences in conservation. Conservation Biology, 31, 724–726. PDF

Petriello, M. A. & Wallen, K. E. (2015). Integrative reflections on the new conservation science debate. Biodiversity and Conservation, 24, 1549–1551. PDF


Human Dimensions
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