Outreach Activities

"To make common; share, impart,

mutual participation"

~from the Latin 'communico'

"Nothing in science has any value to society

if it is not communicated"

~Anne Roe

The Human Dimensions of Fish and Wildlife position, in which I serve, operates in a role jointly supported by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game and the University of Idaho to:


  • Provide teaching, research, and outreach in the psychological and sociological aspects of fish and wildlife resource management.

  • Collaborate with IDFG scientists and managers, university researchers, and external partners on interdisciplinary research focused on fish and wildlife management and related natural resources challenges.

Idaho Department of Fish and Game

The Perspectives Series is a student-centered, online magazine that shares the stories and experiences of students, faculty, and practitioners at universities who conduct research on and outreach for conservation, natural resources, sustainability, and the environment.


We share their stories framed by the complex, interconnected relationships between humans and the natural systems in which they live to advance the mission of the Applied Biodiversity Science program at Texas A&M.


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